Contacting the Library

Phone: 1-845-786-3060             Fax: 1-845-957-5572

Information about the Library

Program Proposals:

In order to inquire about having a new program at the library, you can contact us at the above contact sheet. If you would like to host a program you may click here to download a submission form to submit a formal proposal for an event you would like to host at the library! Please bring in a physical copy for us to sign so we can be sure we receive it!

If a Program is Cancelled:

In the event that a program is cancelled (for weather or other reasons) we will post on our website on the front page and attempt to call or email those signed up!

Renewing Your Items:

You can easily renew your items by calling the library or signing into your RCLS account to avoid late fees!


Requesting New Items:

You can use our contact sheet above or come into the library to request items! Please be aware that if the item is purchased, it will take time (weeks or months!) for the item to be delivered to the library.