New Release Reminder

Don’t forget! All print materials are immediately available for interlibrary loan. A new item that has a hold from another library will take that book off our shelves if no Tomkins Cove resident has placed a hold. We maintain a list of upcoming best sellers (in print and on our web site) so you will know what books are coming. That way you can place a hold prior to the release date. Loan periods remain the same, 14 days for most new fiction titles and 28 days for most new non-fiction titles. Tomkins Cove residents still jump to the top of the list for all titles that we own. This new policy will allow you to place a hold on any print item now, prior to the release date. Previously, if Tomkins Cove did not own a copy of a 14 day book, you had to wait until a library changed it to a 28 day book before you could place a hold. In addition, you were unable to place a hold prior to the release date of a book. This policy applies only to print materials and is a trial for six months (beginning May 1). This policy was suggested as a way to increase circulation, which has been on the decline at all libraries for several years. Holds can be placed from your home computer or from a computer here at the library. If you are unsure how to place a hold, library staff will be happy to assist you. Please speak to Janet Lukas if you have any questions.