Library Aid Funding Letter

The Ramapo Catskill Library System, your library and the other public libraries in Rockland County need your support. The Governor’s Executive Budget for 2017-18 cuts library aid by 4% despite an increase in overall education funding by 4%. It also reduces Public Library Construction funding by $5 million.

This cut leaves library funding at year-2000 levels and, for the tenth consecutive year, keeps library funding far short of the amount authorized in State Education Law. Public libraries are an important component of New York’s public education infrastructure. They provide learning opportunities for people of all ages and abilities in the community. State aid to libraries should increase proportionately to funding increases received by other educational entities.

State aid to libraries amounts to less than 1/10th of 1% of the state budget.

Library aid is an important investment in our children, our families, our seniors, our communities and our future.

Tell your State Legislators that library aid should be INCREASED, not cut.

SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR YOUR LIBRARY, TAKE ACTION NOW by signing this letter and giving it to a library staff member.

Please come into the library now with your letter or come in and sign the form letter to your government! The staff of the library will mail out all the letters collectively to show the need for more funding and support!