Introducing Vox Books!

The Tomkins Cove Public Library has recently invested in a number of children's books called "Vox Books"! These books are combination audio and print books that read to your child as they follow along. A recent article published by found that a mix of visuals and audio create the most amount of connections in a developing child's brain. The author explains: "For the study, 27 children around age 4 went into an FMRI machine. They were presented with stories in three conditions: audio only; the illustrated pages of a storybook with an audio voiceover; and an animated cartoon...The illustration condition was what Hutton called "just right"."

Vox Books offer that "Goldilocks" condition for a reading child. The books look like a normal picture book, but with a small speaker built in (that includes a headphone jack! and these books are chargeable with a Micro-USB port.

Be sure to stop by to check out our current collection of Vox Books and stay tuned for new titles!

Here is a link to the study done about children's reading development: